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We Provide Virtual Care

Tele-rehabilitation is the use of secure, encrypted online video-chat services to provide assessment, education and treatment one-on-one with your physiotherapist. This can be useful for individuals who want to comply with social distancing protocols, to minimize travel time and costs, or for those who would simply prefer ongoing rehabilitation while remaining at home.


You can access tele-rehabilitation through a computer, smart phone or tablet, provided that you have internet connection. Our clinic uses approved technology (Jane) to provide a clear and efficient connection throughout your appointment.

Virtual Appointment Services

Physical therapy provided via tele-rehabilitation can include exercise prescription, post-surgical rehabilitation progression, positional recommendations, feedback regarding return to sport or work, and evidence-based education from your physiotherapist.


Tele-rehabilitation at the BoDyanmics PT Clinic may be used in combination with in-person physiotherapy sessions, and always includes an individualized program and tracker. This exercise/education tracking program is custom-designed by your physiotherapist.