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BoDynamics Now Offering Tele-Health Services

I am pleased to announce my ability to offer TELEHEALTH now. This home-based education and treatment via video conferencing is so convenient. and follows the current recommendation to ‘socially distance’.

As you are aware my motto has always been, your health is your wealth. This applies in all realms physical, mental, and emotional. We can tackle this through intake history, education and movement-based exercise therapy. Let me enlighten you on a few details new and existing patients can expect:

Kids Continence:

  • I have been assessing and treating kids from 2-18years who suffer from continence issues such as constipation, leakage, bed wetting and leaking with activity to name a few. We can begin the journey to address these with intake/history, bladder/bowel diaries and education, pelvic floor and core education, constipation management, movement therapy and exercise rehab and much more!

Teen Athletes:

  • A lot of teen injuries, continence issues, exercise and physical health is left unaddressed. For those teens who are keen to continue to address and progress their injury management we can do that virtually with an intake/history, injury management (acute to chronic), core and pelvic floor education and training, concussion management/education.

General population:

Do you have a concern regarding a recent or long-standing injury? Are you an athlete? Recreational athlete? We can address this from Intake/history, injury management, pain management/education, core education and training, exercise rehab


  • Regardless of when your due date is, working toward an empowered birth is the goal. We can address any concerns regarding birth, pelvic floor, breathing, perineal massage, pelvic pain, low back pain, immediate post partum care, exercise management and progression and other questions.


  • Every woman who has had a child is postpartum, so any age applies! Addressing anything from Initial intake, education, bowel/bladder education, constipation management, POP education and management, pelvic floor/core education and training, DRA, return to exercise, running, exercise progression and rehabilitation, scar management, self treatment for injury and/or pain management.

Running/Exercise Program Development:

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced what better time to commit to improving health whether it may be running or working out. Recovering from injury? Virtual exercise progression and programming can help you reach your goal.

Next Steps:

Please be sure to check with your extended health benefit provider to ensure that these physiotherapy telehealth visits are covered. Many do, however some don’t.

Please feel free to contact me via email at or if you’d like to book and are a new patient.

Existing patients you can book online through your Jane account.